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Pyramid Wellness Center

Wellness Through Sound, Light and Holistic Health

PandoraStar Light Sessions Menu

PandoraStar July and August Special, 30 Minutes for $ 20.00, 40 minutes for $30.00

OPB 4 minute program free to try it.

Call or text 607-206 1127 or email for appointment. [email protected]

Group Session Setup

Call or email for a light session.

607-206-1127 or [email protected]

Individual Sessions

July and August Special, 30 Minutes for $ 20.00 40 Minutes for $ 30.00

30 minutes $ 30.00

A light session but none the less powerful and moving

45 minutes $ 45.00

A good amount of time to start your shamanic journeying

60 minutes $ 60.00

Very therapeutic and healing. 

Group Sessions

Grab some friends and explore together

2 or 3 people cost per person

30 minutes $ 15.00, 40 minutes $ 20.00, 60 minutes $ 30.00