Jeff Gregory's Wellness Through Sound
with Sacred Sound Journeys

Saturday, Sep 20 at 6:00 PM - 11:00 PM

Join us at Mary Hardy's 2014 Temple of Sakkara Conference, Allegan, MI

Healing the planet through the Temple of Love   July 24-28th, 2014

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2014 Summer Solstice                       Bonfire and Gong Bath

 Many more photos on the photos page.    

We thank every one that came and made these a very special Summer Solstice.

We are now selling Gongs, Crystal Singing Bowls and Crystal Pyramids. Call or email for all your needs.

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Gongs and Crystal Singing Pyramid page for prices

and more information. 

Playing for opening ceremony at the 2014 National Dowsers Convention, Lyndonville, VT for over 400 people. Call or email to schedule your next event with Crystal Singing Bowls or Gongs.

Sound Healing Notes

SOUND HEALING with Crystal Singing Bowls and Gongs


Rings of Oden
RINGS OF ODEN Session promotes wellness and mental 
well being


To be scheduled again.

The Sacred Forgiveness Ceremony is a rare opportunity to fully participate in a personal healing ceremony with the power of a sincere heart and three forgivenesses. This special ceremony is not-to-be-missed, personally experienced, transformational opportunity to heal the past and live a healthy future.

Please RSVP  By free will love offering.

The Ultimate one hour session. Light Body Activation, Reiki, and finish with the Gongs and Crystal Singing Bowls.  By Reiki and Gong Master Jeffrey Gregory.  $ 60.00

Call 607-206-1127 or email at bottom of page to make an appointment.

Many New Products In Web Store

Watch for the Awaken Series of Classes to awaken the latent abilities from within. From the Ancient Mystery Schools

Services available at Pyramid Wellness


Light Body Activation - This activation brings the body into higher states of resonance and bliss. Promoting wellness and healing. Our 7th year of doing 

Light Body Activations. 


Sound Healing with clear crystal singing bowls and gongs.

Sacred Sound Baths with Gongs and Singing Bowls

Gong Baths for groups and individuals. Extremely relaxing and healing


Rings of Oden sessions for emotional release and balancing the body


Reiki -15 years of experience 


Light Body Reiki


Geopathic Stress Remediation for home and offices. 12 years of experience.


Dowsing, location of water for wells, 12 years of experience.

Member of the American Society of Dowsers for 10 years.

Presenter at the national dowsers conference.

Quantum Wave Laser sales and training

Contact  Jeff Gregory



4 Bates Road Johnson City NY 13790


Gong at  Temple of Sakkara Conference

This is at the Temple Of Sakarra Conference Allegan MI

40" gong with Rings of Oden Atlantis pattern. The gong with rings take you into deep states of being

Blood Cells before and after a one hour Gong Bath

Aura before and after a Gong Bath

Cosmic Portal Activation by Gayle Mack